Sunday adventures

Today began a little slow, until I received the call from the studio. “One of the stations is off.” Well, I had a plan for today, but I guess it has now changed. The one nice this is that I can drive a tad faster up the road because the road crew isn’t up here working.

So what happened? The station is completely off grid. We have solar panels to generate power but sometimes it’s not enough to keep the batteries charged. So we have a propane generator that supplements the solar when it’s just not enough or on cloudy days. There’s another generator in case the whole solar and battery system fails. Well, both ran out of oil. So put some more oil in, great. Still no joy. With our electrician on the phone I rebooted the solar system. Bam! Everything comes back up.

Well, I wanted to come up this week to do something with our remote control. Now I don’t have to!

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